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CompleteHockeyPlayer.com is committed to creating complete hockey players, though skill development, athletic improvement, winning intangibles, and game knowledge

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"Hockey 101 is awesome, I am now able to improve my weaker areas"

- Tyler


Complete Hockey Player was launched to help create more complete hockey players. Often times players focus on the 5 main skills of hockey: Passing, Shooting, Stickhandling, Skating and Checking. Those are very important, but far from all it takes to be a complete player.

We believe that every player has 4 main areas to develop: Skills - Athleticism – Intangibles – and Knowledge. You know players who are very skilled but have no idea about the game. Then there are others who play a smart game and have great intangibles, but need to work on their skills. You know that talented player who doesn’t work hard, or that player who just has ‘it’. Looking at these three areas

  • Skills: A player’s skill set. Skating, Passing, Shooting.

  • Athleticism: A player’s athletic body. Power, Balance, Core.

  • Intangibles: Those extra little things. Leadership, Work Ethic, Visualization

  • Knowledge: Is how much a player understands concepts or is he just a robot? Does he know how to attack and defend a 1 on 1?

  • Goaltending: The most important player on the team, is to often just a target at the end of drills

  • Coaches: Great information for coaches

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"Using the Leadership lesson I've been voted Team Captain this year!"

- Mark

"I have improved so much just from my dryland drills at home"

- Bobby